Lycan’s Bane to the Printer!

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On May 2nd the first adventure set in the Realms of Twilight setting was released in its digital format on and  As exciting as this was the project still wasn’t finished.  Yesterday I approved the printed proofs of Lycan’s Bane for our first print run.  I know many of you are fans of the artwork done by Jocelyn Sarvida, but you have not yet been able to see her work in its full glory due to the cost of printing the Campaign Setting in color.  Well, with Lycan’s Bane you will get your first real look at the quality of her work.  This adventure (a 42 page 8.5″ x11″ soft cover book) is being printed in full color.  The cover and interior artwork were done, as usual, by Jocelyn Sarvida and the cartography was done by Michael Arrington.  Both of which did a fantastic job.

If the printer can keep to the deadline I’ve given them (and I have confidence they will) I will have the printed copies available by the 1st of June.  They will likely only be available at the Realms of Twilight Marketplace, so keep an eye out for it.

I hope you all enjoy the adventure and the artwork within.

Until next week, good gaming to all.


The Trial of Norm

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I received word of Norm’s trial last night from his wife.  The charges that have been officially filed are public ludeness, slandering the honor of a Lady, and the destruction of the Goosed Gosling, the well-known tavern in which he was performing at the time.

From what his wife Berinda has told me, he has been imprisoned in one of Aviryn’s most infamous places, Yirunel’s Hold.  It is a place formed of elven magic, and enchanted to prevent all manner of sorcery, divine influence and powers of the mind from functioning.  Apparently some of the guards and higher-ups possess rings that allow their abilities to function, but they are rare, and closely guarded.

I’m sure you will all be happy to know that thus far he has been treated relatively well.  The guards are apparently treated him coldly, but no harm has befallen him.  Berinda is confident that the trial will conclude well before August, but the outcome of it is far from determined.  The noble woman he slandered, a powerful elven heiress, has more than a little influence at Court.  Let us hope these unfortunate events don’t result in continued imprisonment.

Soon I will be setting up a way that you can all send your letters of encouragement and questions to the imprisoned gnome.  I’m sure news, and in fact any interaction with the outside world, would be welcomed.

Keep our friend Norm in mind as your adventures take you on through the week. 

Until next time, good gaming to all.

The world of GenCon 2011

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As you all know, Silver crescent Publishing is heading to GenCon 2011 in Indianapolis, Indiana this year.  We’ve got a booth already reserved in Entrprenuer’s Avenue, and our booth design plans are going well.  However, we have a chance for something more.

GenCon LLC is giving companies the opportunity to win a Marketing Fellowship with them.  This fellowship would provide a huge number of bonus goodies, not to mention double the booth space (which Norm may need if he manages to get through the trial before then).  The first two companies were announed at the end of last month and they were… not us.  Yet there are still 4 more to be chosen.  2 will be announced each month until all 6 have gotten the news.  We’re working on an ever increasing array of pre-show advertising possibilities including dozens of game sessions (both online and in person) a website re-vamp (which will hopefully be completed by the end of next week) and announcements on various websites, among other things.  If you have any further suggestions on how we can spread the word don’t hesitate to let us know either by posting a commnet here, or on our facebook page (see the links i the right column).

So, keep your fingers crossed that we win one of the Marketing Fellowships, and that out friend Norm the Gnome will not be languishing in some elven prison when August roles around.

Until next time, good gaming to you all!

News on Norm.

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As many of you may have noticed, the blog post for this week is running a little late.  The reason for this is that I hoped to fulfill my promise regarding word from Norm the Gnome.  However, it seems we will all have to suffice with word OF Norm the Gnome.

I received word earlier today that Norm has been imprisoned by the authorities in Aviryn, a major city in the elven nation of Aruna-Nigh.  Apparently the charges include burning down a well-thought of tavern named the Goosed Gosling and slandering the honor of a noble lady.  The quote I heard was “She is so generous that she gives freely of herself to those of lesser status… if you know waht I mean.”  While neither of these charges are likely to result in his execution or anything else so harsh, it may affect his freedom to be present at GenCon as he promised.  I assure you, I will keep you updated on his status whenever my contacts pass word to me.

In the meantime I will be holding auditions for other possible special guests for the convention.  I’ve already had Gurt the ogre and Felicity, a rather… intriguing specimen of elven womanhood if I do say so myself, audition for the part.  Gurt was a bit too… blunt (a bit too heavy with the club I think) while Felicity, despite her… talents, is not quite the right spokesperson for the part.  Hopefully more will come forward in the near future.

So, let us all hope that Norm receives a swift and light sentence so he can be free by August.  I know I’m keeping my fingers crossed, because frankly, if I have any more auditions like Gurt’s, I’m not sure I’ll make it to GenCon myself.

Until next week (or further word of Norm), good gaming to all.

Lycan’s Bane Expanded!

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Well, I missed last week, so I thought I might delve into the playtesting that is going on around the Lycan’s Bane adventure.  It was originally written as a demo adventure, to help introduce players to the uniqueness of the Realms of Twilight setting.  I have gotten a few things out of it and am making a few improvements from the feedback I’ve gotten thus far.

I am currently working on fleshing out the final stage of the adventure.  When written as a demo the rather abrupt (I must admit) ending works fine, but to be publishable, the ending needs to be a bit more climactic.  So the entire keep of Caer Gorinith will be laid out, with room descriptions, notable items (and treasure of course) and possible tactics used by the keep’s current residents.  I also intend to add in a few extra articles about things that the party encounters.  For instance, a Day in the Life of a Nightling was one suggestion I received.  I don’t know that I’ll go all the way into an Ecology article, but we’ll have to see.  I will also be adding in a section with some new crunch.  This section will include details on the Lycan’s Bane itself as well as a few new things that would be used the pending conflict between two nations.

By the end I believe this adventure book will run about 40 pages or so.  I currently intend to make it available as both a pdf and a print version.  And yes, I am aiming for FULL COLOR in the printing, though I am still getting quotes to see if it is actually doable.

Well, that’s all for now.  I believe our friend Norm the Gnome will be stopping by next week, so we can all look forward to what interesting things his antics may bring to the surface.  Until next week, good gaming to all.

Website re-launch in the works, and an official Meetup

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Well, the Realms of Twilight website has served Silver Crescent well for the past year.  But now, with Gencon coming up, new product releases, and of course, the introduction of Norm… it is time to change things up a bit.

The construction of a new website has officially begun.  Don’t worry, you’ll all still have access to the current version as we work on the new design.  So you’ll still have the priveledge (ahem….) of these blog updates each week. 

The new site will feature some new artwork by the fabulous Jocelyn Sarvida as well as a number of new functionalities that I feel are now necessary.  Additionally, Norm the Gnome will have his own column to speak his mind.  I’m still not certain about allowing that, given how his mind works, but perhaps he will surprise and enlighten us all.

Unfortuantely, the Realms of Twilight tavern will be closing down for the foreseeable future as a part of this swap over.  The patronage has dropped off and our innkeeper can’t afford to keep the place open.  Apparently people just don’t enjoy drunken conversation the way they used to… hmm….

On another topic, the local Meetup gaming group is getting together tomorrow night.  Good pizza, good company and a chance to spread the word about Silver Crescent’s work.  Sounds like a good time to me.  I’ll be there along with a good number of others hanging out and enjoying the company of fellow gamers.

That’s about it for tonight.  Enjoy your weekend and game well.

Announcing NORM THE GNOME!!!

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Well, I’m sure some of you are curious about who our legendary bard is going to be at Gencon this year.  Perhaps a bit intrigued?  Well, it took me a while to find him and get him to book the trip, but we’ve got Norm the Gnome!  He has great credentials, including graduating from the College of Song in the northern city of Requiem, telling tales for the King Balingaugh of Valin and his court, and performing at Nightshade’s Comfort, a very well known high end venue in the capital city of the Illurian Empire.

Norm has graciously agreed to be present at Silver Crescent Publishing’s booth at Gencon for the entire weekend!  Well, portions of each day anyway.  He will have scheduled times that he will be performing, telling tales he has acquired throughout his travels and studies in the world of Relistan.  While I haven’t yet heard the tales he will be telling, rest assured he will at the very least entertain us all!

I look forward to seeing you all in a few months.  Stop in and say hi to Norm and enjoy a tale or two.

Until then, good gaming to you all.